Professional Development (PD) Fellowship Programme Application Process (English)

Applications are being accepted for the Professional Development (PD) Fellowship Programme
This year, up to eight PD opportunities will be awarded through a competitive selection process. The deadline for application is July 31, 2017. Successful candidates will be notified by August 31, 2017, and would be expected to participate in a training, tentatively scheduled for September 2017. Fellowships will occur between September 2017 and April 2018.

Application Criteria: The program focuses on individuals with strong academic qualifications, relevant work experience, and current employment in areas related to EA, but lack or require more practical hands-on experience. The application process is open to professionals working in governments, non-governmental organizations, private or volunteer organizations, universities, and local consulting firms in Africa. Applicants are requested to submit a curriculum vitae and a brief proposal on what the candidate is planning to undertake if s/he is selected as per the guidelines below.

APPLICATION GUIDELINES: All applicants must submit the following:

Curriculum vitae must include:
  1. Full names (Underline family name)
  2. Contact information (fax, e-mail, telephone, mailing address)
  3. Date and place of birth
  4. Citizenship
  5. Language proficiency (spoken, written, reading in either English or French)
  6. Education
  7. Current position and professional experience
  8. Name, telephone, e-mail and mailing address of two references who are familiar with your professional work
Proposal (Write a short section addressing each item; address all items in not more than three pages in total):
  1. Summarize your background, including academic credentials and language capabilities. Discuss past and current responsibilities.
  2. What experience do you have working as part of a team on a project?
  3. What is your experience as an instructor and/or trainer? (Does not need to be specifically in the fields of EA or environmental in nature)
  4. Explain how your participation in the PD Fellowship program will be accommodated by your current employment situation.
  5. Is there a particular EA project that you would like to join?

The curriculum vitae and proposal should be sent, by email by July 31, 2017 to the following contacts:

For anglophone applicants :
CLEAA Trustee: Dr. Peter Tarr
Executive Director Southern African
Environmental Assessment (SAIEA)

Pour les candidats francophone :
Coordo Adjoint CLEAA: Prof. Dieudonné Bitondo
Secrétaire Exécutif
Institute for Secrétariat pour l’évaluation environnementale en Afrique centrale (SEEAC)

How it works:
1. Experienced graduates in fields related to the environment and sustainable development, and who are in positions of growing influence (e.g. consultants, NGOs, government staff, journalists, lawyers), are selected through a rigorous process to be a PD Fellow.

2. After intensive technical training, they are seconded for up to three months to a consulting company, industry, university or similar institution, where they receive on-the-job mentorship from well qualified, experienced experts.

3. Thereafter, the PD Fellows attend follow-up courses and seminars, and participate in the annual conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA).

4. The PD Fellows return to their country/institution, and use their knowledge, skills and confidence to provide leadership in the context of environment and social assessment, management and sustainable development.

Costs: The full package for one PD Fellow is approximately US$25000. Costs vary depending on the price of airfares to and from the Fellow’s country of origin and mentoring location, as well as the locality of that year’s IAIA conference. In all cases, CLEAA will provide a prospective sponsor with a detailed and customised quote.