CLEAA : Capacity Developpement and Linkages for Environmental Assessment in Africa
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  The Pan African Network for Environmental Assessment and Management
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Funded by : USAID & SEAIC
Regions involved : All Nodes
Purpose of the Project :
The idea for an “EA Barometer” responds to the need for countries to be able to gauge themselves against an African benchmark. In turn, the African benchmark would be consistent with International Best Practice, but adjusted for local conditions. The Barometer consists of a series of questions that collectively reflect all the key elements of a properly functioning EA system. Its structure is simple but (...)

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Contact database for African EA experts

Funded by : SEIAC & DGF
Nodes involved : All
Purpose : The overall purpose of the activity is to contribute to the management of a web-based CLEAA database of EA resources that will be a source of information, a mechanism for exchange and maximisation on the use of local expertise. The goal is to ease the accessibility to local expertise for proponents and donors, and increase the quality of EIA reporting by bringing a real competition among the practitioners in the market.
Outputs / (...)

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Handbook on EA legislation in Africa

Funded by : SEIAC & DGF
Nodes involved : All
Purpose :
the purpose of the proposed Handbook is (i) to provide relevant information to prospective developers, donor agencies, government authorities, NGOs and environmental assessment practitioners, or any other stakeholder who wish to COMPLY with EIA legislation and the administrative arrangements for the EIA process in each African country, (ii) contribute to harmonize build/harmonize subregional EA legislation to ease the impact (...)

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