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Funded by : USAID & SEAIC

Regions involved : All Nodes

Purpose of the Project :

The idea for an “EA Barometer” responds to the need for countries to be able to gauge themselves against an African benchmark. In turn, the African benchmark would be consistent with International Best Practice, but adjusted for local conditions. The Barometer consists of a series of questions that collectively reflect all the key elements of a properly functioning EA system. Its structure is simple but robust with as little scope for subjectivity as possible. Thus, each question is accompanied by clarification and explanatory notes that assist the evaluator to arrive at an accurate score


The EA Barometer have the following advantages : locally driven, outcomes oriented and robust, simple, non-threatening, illustrative, public and participatory

Barometer Structure

The Barometer consists of the following 31 questions, clustered under 4 headings. Important to note is that guidance is provided so that scoring is consistent. This will hopefully reduce subjectivity by the scoring team and help focus the discussions that the team holds during the barometer scoring workshops they undertake in a specific country.

Group discussions on the strengths and weaknesses of Sierra Leone’s EA system. Freetown, December 2010

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